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Annual Parish Meeting

Tuesday 19th April 2022 7.30pm Main Hall Mendlesham

Annual Parish Meeting :

This meeting is a meeting for the electors of the Parish of Mendlesham. It is not a Parish Council meeting.  


Draft minutes of last parish council meeting held virtually 20.4.21. Approved 19.4.22. 

Draft minutes of parish meeting 19.4.22 to follow 

Reports from: 

Mendlesham Parish Council 

Mendlesham CLT  

County report 

District Report 

Mendlesham Community Charity

Mendlesham Computer Club  

Mendlesham WI 

Community Awards: 

Eric Bauly 

Peter Freeman

Jan Kelly 

Carolyn Triscott 

Andrew's Angels 

Mendlesham Shop 

Mendlesham Walking Group 

Queens Platinum Torch Relay Nominations  : Jean Abbott, Pris Colchester and Mike Favager