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Adopted March 17

In addition to the Neighbourhood Plan document there is a range of other supporting documentation evidencing the work that has been carried out (particularly the consultation that has taken place) and the statistics that were used in putting forward reasons and conclusions for the eleven new local policies.  

The referendum for residents of the Parish of Mendlesham to decide on the adoption of the Mendlesham Neighbourhood Development Plan was held on 2 March 2017.

The referendum posed one question for local residents to vote “yes” or “no” to, “Do you want Mid Suffolk District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Mendlesham to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”
The results of the vote were as follows;
Number of votes cast 417
In favour of using the Neighbourhood Plan 393 (94.24%)
Against using the Neighbourhood Plan 24 (5.75%)
Percentage turnout of voters 36.7%
The success of the referendum is the culmination of just over 4 years of work, researching local opinion, consulting with residents, drafting proposals and consulting with Mid Suffolk District Council and other local service providers.

A report was submitted to  Mid Suffolk District Council on 23 March 2017 recommending that the Neighbourhood Plan become part of the district’s planning framework and will have to be considered for all future development applications in the Parish of Mendlesham which was supported.  MSDC decision statement

The project was led by a Neighbourhood Plan Committee with members both from the Parish Council and local residents. The vast majority of the work involved has been done by local residents. The Parish is most fortunate in having a wide ranging and excellent pool of expertise that was given at no cost. Please see our Final report  detailing how we achieved completion of this project and the final costs, achieved with thanks to the  free pool of expertise and several grants from central and local government supporting Mendlesham.  

The Parish Council is grateful for the support and guidance it received from officers at Mid Suffolk District Council and also from our local District Councillor, Andrew Stringer.  Councillor Stringer said  “The public endorsement of the first neighbourhood plan in Mid Suffolk is a major step forward for this rural community, I applaud all of the hard work carried out by the volunteers over the last four years, that have put hundreds of hours into bringing the aspirations of this community to life” “Mendlesham has yet again been in the pioneer role”


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