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June 2020 Revision

June 2020 Revision ( new documents uploaded October 2020)

The original Mendlesham Neighbourhood Development Plan (MNDP) was formally adopted (made) on 2 March 2017.

In June 2017, Mendlesham Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Development Plan Group agreed to commence a revision of the plan to introduce an allocation of development sites.

Consultation with the public provided clear evidence about how Mendlesham should develop and where.

We now have an updated set of draft documents that we will use to consult with local residents, businesses and relevant external organisations.

This work has involved a lot of time and expense as we have had to commission a number of external reviews from qualified professional organisations to identify the evidence required for our future planning aspirations.

Also included in the documentation is the required Draft Regulation 14 statement identifying the major changes being introduced and confirming the need for further consultation.

Mendlesham Parish Council is publishing these draft documents now in the interests of transparency so that residents and landowners in the Parish of Mendlesham remain informed of our progress.

Please note that these are draft documents and have not yet been fully linked together (e.g. maps and figures referenced from within the Neighbourhood Development Plan itself exist as separate external files).

As part of the legal process there will be a formal consultation phase with local residents, businesses and relevant utility organisations. If you have any issues with these draft documents we ask that you wait until that formal consultation phase begins. The formal consultation process will be widely advertised and will last for a minimum of six weeks.

There may then be further amendments following the consultation (and subsequent examination) before the revised plan is subject to a local referendum. 

Please note revised SEA documents dated August 2020 have been uploaded 13th October 2020.