February 2021

What is happening?

The current Neighbourhood Development Plan (adopted in March 2017) is being updated. In particular areas for future development have been identified and some of the development policies have been updated.

A detailed draft is available to all residents for their consideration and response.


The consultation period will start on 15 February 2021 and end on 12 April 2021.

This period covers 8 weeks, longer than the statutory min six week period, in line with current Covid Emergency guidance. 

Where do I find information about the consultation?

The draft Neighbourhood Development Plan is a single document that has 36 Supporting Documents (that evidence the work done and conclusions reached).

We do not plan to produce printed copies of all the documentation because of cost and possible contamination issues but limited prints of specific documents or parts of documents may be produced if necessary.

The documents are available as follows: 

  • The draft Neighbourhood Plan document 
  • The SEA and regulation folder containing the required Regulation 14 statement identifying the major changes being introduced, confirming the need for further consultation and the SEA Environmental Report (and Addendum) which are also now subject to consultation alongside the MDP. 
  • A supporting files folder containing one folder for all other supporting documents and another with the figures/maps that will be incorporated into the  final Neighbourhood Plan document. 

Who should I contact?

All responses to the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan should be sent to the Parish Clerk:

e-Mail: parishclerk@mendleshampc.org
post: Parish Clerk, Mendlesham Parish Council, Honeysuckle, Hockey Hill, Wetheringsett, IP14 5PL
telephone: 01449 766139

If you have any queries about the consultation and need to speak to someone then in the first instance please e-Mail or phone the Parish Clerk who will get someone to call back and discuss the issue with you.

What next?

Once the consultation has ended and all issues dealt with the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan will be submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC) for its consideration. Once approval is received from MSDC the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan can be put forward for a local referendum where all residents have the opportunity to vote for, or against, its adoption.