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Developing the Neighbourhood Plan

The data received from the four questionnaires gave a good, detailed, base of information from which our Mendlesham Neighbourhood Plan document could be drafted.

We also carried out a lot of face to face consultation, meeting with the various social groups that operate in and around Mendlesham village. These consultations included working with local schoolchildren in a project to define their thoughts on how the village should develop, talking to the congregation at the local church and also having a mobile showroom at our annual street fayre.

All of this work enabled us to draft our first version of the plan and then discuss it both with local residents and also officers at Mid Suffolk District Council. After each major consultation an amended draft was produced and then that was further discussed to ensure that all queries and questions were answered satisfactorily.

We consulted with the “interested parties’ (those organisations that the Parish works with and makes use of their services).

We also had a “health check” of version 3.1 of our Neighbourhood Plan carried out by an external expert in Neighbourhood Planning to verify that the Plan was robust, suitably evidenced and not lacking in important detail. The result of this inspection was good with a recommendation for a few minor changes.

All of which led to the production of final draft version 3.2 that was submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council on 21 July 2016.

We have been most fortunate that almost all of the work in producing our Mendlesham Neighbourhood Plan has been done by members of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee. We have and have had members with the range of skills necessary to identify and articulate (in text, photos and maps) the range of evidence and requirements needed in producing a clear and concise final document. In particular this has enable us to keep the overall cost of this project lower than was originally predicted.