Brief History

The project to produce a Neighbourhood Plan started in December 2012.

A Mendlesham Neighbourhood Plan Committee consisting of members from both the Parish Council and local residents was set up to manage the project and lead the various stages of work required. This committee reports regularly to Mendlesham Parish Council and also seeks agreement from the Council as each phase progresses.

The Mendlesham Neighbourhood Plan Committee is supported by officers from Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC) and also our district councillor and county councillor, Andrew Stringer.

Our application to designate a Neighbourhood Area was submitted on 24 January 2013. The application was approved by MSDC on 24 June 2013.

Over the following months, we actively communicated with residents to ensure that as many people as possible were aware of the commencement of the Neighbourhood Plan process, explained why and what we hoped to achieve and encouraged volunteers to come forward so that this was a real community project.

We established a set of aims and objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan using the information from discussions with local residents about their views on where the parish is currently and what is needed for the future.

In January 2014 we distributed three questionnaires to gain more information from local households, businesses and youth. In August 2014 we circulated a further short questionnaire to get additional information about residents view on the size of future developments.