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April 2018 Revision

Please see "Mendlesham Neighbourhood Plan" for information regarding the current adopted plan and supporting documents.  

Towards the end of four years work and the legal processes involved in order to adopt the current plan as a legal planning document, a Written Ministerial Statement dated 12 December 2016 (HCWS346) was issued setting out how planning applications and appeals should be determined where the local planning authority, for Mendlesham, Mid Suffolk District Council ( MSDC) , could not demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land, where there is an adopted neighbourhood plan. This statement and subsequent national guidance regarding Neighbourhood Plans, endorsed the need for a Neighbourhood Plan to include allocation of sites for housing and if so the area covered within the Neighbourhood Plan area could then rely on a three year land supply. We understand that whilst MSDC cannot currently demonstrate a 5 year supply, it can demonstrate a 3 year supply.

Thus in June 2017, Mendlesham Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan group agreed to commence a revision of the plan, including allocation of sites. Consultation with the public has provided some extremely clear evidence about how Mendlesham should develop and updated documentation, detailing the tracked changes from the adopted plan plus new/revised supporting documents and maps, including site allocations are available here . Also see  Draft Regulation 14 statement 

Please note these documents need to be viewed for content with the proposed changes/additions as per the purple text, some links as per the original adopted plan will not work, maps need to be inserted and paragraphs renumbered. There will also undoubtedly be subsequent amendments following the further consultation, examinations and commissioned reports as a result of the legal process for the revised plan.

Mendlesham Parish Council has decided to publish these documents now, in the interests of transparency and so that the residents and landowners in Mendlesham Parish are informed appropriately. 

28.8.19 Traffic Data: Further to community and Parish Council concerns about the impact of recent and proposed development on the Mendlesham village road network, historic buildings and Conservation Area , a new supporting document for the Revised Neighbourhood Plan is in preparation. See  Draft Traffic Report   Please note photos to follow.