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Neighbourhood Plan

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Mendlesham 2032?

What will the Parish of Mendlesham be like in ten years?

One thing is certain. Since Mendlesham has been identified as a key village for growth, there will be changes.

If we do nothing, planning applications will continue to be decided by Mid Suffolk District Council in line with national and local planning policy. Alternatively, we can influence how and where this growth happens by developing and adopting our own Neighbourhood Plan. This is a new approach which for the first time allows local people to have a real say in how their community develops. The planning authority will be legally bound to take this plan into account when considering planning applications.

These are some of the things a Neighbourhood Plan can consider:

  • Is there an appropriate mix of affordable and market housing?
  • What can be done to sustain local services such as shops, schools and transport links?
  • Is there enough suitable housing to allow older people to downsize and still stay in the parish?
  • Are there enough community facilities - playgrounds, green spaces, community buildings?
  • What should new buildings look like?
  • Can the existing infrastructure such as roads and parking places cope? If not what needs to happen?
  • Should we encourage more employment opportunities in or close to the village? Do we need small business units or better communications to allow home working?
  • How should we preserve the rural, environmental and historic areas of the Parish?


We've put together this video to give you some more information: