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Mendlesham Parish Council


Mendlesham Parish Council is an elected tier of local government. The parish covers the villages of Mendlesham and Mendlesham Green and surrounding hamlets/properties.

Eleven Councillors are elected every four years to represent the community, improve quality of life and the local environment. A Chair and Vice Chair are elected from the Councillors on an annual basis. A Clerk is employed by the council as an advisor, administrator and responsible finance officer.

The Council is funded from the “precept” which is the money collected from local tax payers via the Council tax bill issued by Mid Suffolk District Council and monies received from its own activities/ rental income from property owned.

Your Councillors are:

Michael Exley (chair) 01449 766246
Paul Allen  01449 766543 
Andrew Davey 01449 768862
Denise Foster 01449 768978
Norman Foster 01449 768978
Brian Gardiner  01449 766648
Sandie Judd  0333 006 2706
David Nunn 01449 767158
Helen Orton 01449 767741
Elizabeth Ward 01449 766562
Sabrina Webb 01449 768658

The Parish Clerk:

Sharon Jones
Hockey Hill
IP14 5PL

01449 766139

 Property owned:

The Scout Hut land Mendlesham Green, The Mendlesham Woodland, Meadow behind the Mendlesham Green Baptist Chapel and areas of allotment land at Mendlesham Green.


Supply and maintenance of Street lighting, Extra Street Cleaning, Grasscutting, Litter bins, Dog waste bins, Grit bins, Bus shelter, Noticeboards and Benches, responsibility for management of playingfields at Mendlesham and Mendlesham Green and responsibility for management of Mendlesham Community Centre.


Mendlesham Parish Council Policies


2019 Parish Meeting Chairs report 

2018 Parish Meeting Chairs report 

2017 Parish Meeting Chairs report

Freedom of Information Act: Mendlesham Parish Council has adopted the IOC Model Publication Scheme. The details of how we apply the scheme are  found under the  Mendlesham Parish Council Information policy.