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Suffolk Covid 19 Coordination Centre

Tel: 01473 296400

email: Covid-19@suffolk.gov.uk

The centre runs Monday to Friday with emergency cover (Weekend and Evening) provided by Public Health Consultants.

The SC19CC provides a co-ordination function to ensure the right information is shared with the right people around Covid19.

The main objectives of the SC19CC are:

  • Provides central systemic co-ordination, expert advice and guidance in liaison with PHE for COVID-19 outbreaks in Suffolk – the SC19CC will log the incident and stand up the right people to respond.
  • Provides expert advice on preventative measures to businesses and settings as per national and local guidance.
  • Be able to draw on experts (IPC, EHOs, PH Consultants) and Outbreak Managers.
    Receives, understands and interprets national PHE guidance and distributes alongside Suffolk guidance documents.
  • Provides governance, leadership and strategic coordination for the local Contact Tracing function.